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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Original Conversation Starter.

This is it. The video that started the ball rolling on the conversation I keep mentioning that happened in January of 2005. This is from Ryannes Video Blog. Ryanne asks for conversation on 3 points regarding religion. Her three points are:
  1. There will always be suffering.
  2. You can't fear death.
  3. Organized religion is a big lie.
The original vid was posted here. And comments to this post can be found here and here.
Watch this video. It is a great conversation starter and is classic vlog. (ha, classic it and it isn't much more than a year old.) I may eventually discuss all the points addressed in this video myself. First however, I think it would be good to address some of the things mentioned in Ryanne's 3rd point. During this point she discusses things that have to do with the ideas of good and bad.

I think we should define good and bad. Discuss where good and bad come from. And discuss if they truly exist and if they do what if any are the consequences or rewards for being a "good" or "bad" person.


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