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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Is there a God?" A Piece of Conversation God. Submitted by Mike.

Is there a God?
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This video was submitted by Mike of "Color of My Mind". Mike suggests that maybe a more important question for us to ask here is "Is there a God?"
The following is the text from his original post over on his site:
"This is my very first vlog where I am talking into the camera, and let me tell you it was quite an experience. I must have attempted my speech 10 times before I could actually get rolling on it. Hopefully it will get easier with time. This vlog is in response to Anthony's project, The postings on the site thus far ask several questions about the big "why(s)" of life. Why is there suffering? Why are specific actions considered sin? Why do bad things happen to good people? In my own way, I attempt to address those issues - or at least direct them in certain directions. It's a little long, but it was difficult to condense 20+ years of thoughts, feelings, and experiences into a short monologue. Running time 12:57."


Comments on ""Is there a God?" A Piece of Conversation God. Submitted by Mike."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:45 AM) : 

I'm not sure you are being honest with yourself when you say that you really didn't want there to be a God. Think of how anxious you felt as you questioned and searched for answers. Think of the relative sense of peace you've acquired now that you know for sure (despite the questions you still have) that there is a God. This hunger for spiritual security that so many people have is the reason religious organizations don't really need evidence to survive and flourish. I think it's important that we are conscious of it because the personality of the God we choose to believe in complements our individual needs. Since most people would prefer everyone to think the way we do (because we are, of course, correct) it shouldn’t really be all that surprising to us that our gods often seem to feel that way as well. Please don’t fall into the trap of believing that you’ve seen hard evidence of the Christian God’s existence. You’ve just been given enough data to allow yourself to return to the spiritual place in which you feel most comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is what it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:53 PM) : 

Yes, believe in the Christian God because it has the worst consequences if you don't... Maybe at the end of your film you say "sike, just kidding" but I'm not sure because I couldn't finish watching it after you started this BS argument. It's called a scare tactic, look up Scientology. And please don't sit there and say you've seen the HARD EVIDENCE of a Christian God. Come on man. I've also read a historical analysis of the bible, and the only thing I got out of that was there is no way to prove anything the bible says. Except maybe that Jesus was the name of a person. If you have "evidence" put it in my face, but you better not ask me for a banana. P.S. I’m not an atheist


Blogger Anthony said ... (2:27 PM) : 

Firstly I'd like to thank you for coming to visit these pages and for viewing this video. Thanks.
Second this really is a place for set up for conversation and discussion. It is hard to discuss anything with anyone who chooses to remain anonymous.
For Anonymous person 2 your comments are a bit harsh considering you didn't take the time to hear all of Mike's words and thoughts that he took the time to share on his video.
Mike has taken the time to look into evidences. He has taken the time to share the things he believes. He hasn't as far as I can see asked others to "not sit there and say" instead he challenges others positively to take a similar voyage and journey to seek out truth as he has.
I say there is plenty of evidence available for the accuracy and historicity of the Biblical text and the Biblical figures and most importantly the God of the Bible. But there is also a need for faith.
From your comments it doesn't seem like you would even be open to taking the time to see those evidences apart from your skepticism. And your acknowledgment that there is a God doesn't necessarily equal faith in that God.
If you'd like to continue in these discussions you are welcome, however, please make yourself known with a name and contact information. And if you can, take the time to make a video.


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