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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Wind" A Piece of Conversation God. Submitted by Anthony.

It has been a while since I have posted here on ConversationGod. I would very much like for this to continue to be an ongoing conversation. Not unlike other vlogs in many ways. The topics can grow and change around this theme regarding things God. That could mean many things I guess. I continue to want to leave this site as a safe place for discussions including agreement and or disagreement in the form friendly challenging of ideas, thoughts, and opinions about our belief in God or lack of belief in God.

I have had this concept for a video combined with this tiny portion of the song Mind's Eye by DC Talk in my head for a while. This video is a comment about faith; about believing what we can't see. Please feel free to discuss this post via video responses or text comments.

I look forward to your replies.


Comments on ""Wind" A Piece of Conversation God. Submitted by Anthony."


Blogger dltq said ... (11:45 PM) : 

Firstly: Nicely edited, very clear concept, and I liked your use of text. Subliminal messages.

Then, a confession: We had some communication some time back, and I said that I would be doing some video comments/discussion points for this site. I didn't follow up on that. Why not? It was partly laziness/procrastination, but also it was because I had a lurking feeling that you wanted "too much" to "win me over". Preach. In hindsight I realize that this might have been unfair towards you, and for that I apologize. But yes, I was put a bit back with how much this site was in the context of The Bible, and the monotheistic Christian God, and that whole tradition. I might have misunderstood, but that was my impression. Am I a christian-hater atheist? Certainly not. But I don't consider myself a Christian either. Maybe a humanist? Pantheist?

I will look through a few more of your videos here, and write a few more comments. I appreciate your attempt to start some Discussions. I hope I can participate without feeling that I am entering some lion's den, if you see what I mean.

Have a nice day/evening/morning!


Blogger Anthony said ... (12:16 AM) : 

Thanks Raymond for your watching and commenting and participating. I've heard that some might be weary as you explained. I appreciate you honesty and your apology. I don't know that you needed to apologize but I thank you for it and accept it.
I really would love to have more views on here from other perspectives that differ from my own monotheistic Christian beliefs.
As I read your words regarding the lion's den I am reminded of a line in the CS Lewis story Lion Witch and the Wardrobe. It was a line about Aslan the Lion (and God like figure in the story). The statement was made about him that he was not safe but that he was good. So Raymond maybe this is a lion's den of sorts and therefore not very safe if safety means that there aren't Christians who have posted here who would like for you to believe as they do. However, I hope you find also that the discussion is and has much potential to be good and that all views can be expressed and discussed in a friendly conversation here.


Blogger Toma said ... (4:32 AM) : 

Anthony (and Raymond!),

Anthony, really nice piece on the wind and the "Ruach" (hebrew for "breath" - used throughout Jewish scriptures as ref to Spirit of God). I think we may have a budding FILMMAKER in our midst! Very nice, brother. Thanks!

Raymond, great to hear your comments and, guessing from the eastern (mandarin?) characters on your shirt in your profile pic, you have looked into some of the eastern traditions and religions as I have also. I just want to say, as part of this brilliant (but admittedly one-sided) conversation. That any lack "safety" in the "lion's den" goes very much both ways. It's not EACH OTHER we're speaking of only... but of a greater Being or beings with ways far transcendent to us mere mortals. All are equal in the Christian faith as I see it. "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God - there is NONE righteous. No, not one." (romans 3:9-23) That includes you and me, Anthony. Faith in the finished work of the Messiah doesn't absolve us from our "stuff" being laid bare before the "lions of transcendence."

I'm especially excited to see how the Church (Christians) at large will (or won't) handle the coming "world-wide epiphany" when television, radio and internet airwaves will boldly proclaim an "evolution" of mankind (as they are now), wherein we are called "higher" in our love, our listening, our "tolerance" and sharing... where will the Good News of Jesus (I prefer to call Him Yeshua) fit into all that?

I would argue the coming "outpouring" of sensitivity is closer to the "normal Christian life" and comes from a gracious God "on all flesh" - not evolution. (

It's behind the scenes and digging deeper into cross-cultural meanings where we'll find the real common ground, I think. I've been a fan of Wycliffe Bible Translators for a few decades now. Their whole approach to sharing the preserving features of Christianity (which, in their sense of the form of this faith, does actually preserve cultures, rather than dilute and destroy) is this - God gave us all of our differences in song, rhythm, art, language and many of our unique methods for cultural sustainability - therefore HANDS OFF THE UNIQUE! It's a thing of beauty to be recognized and preserved.

Like wind... curling itself around the surfaces of people and places our planet wide. Gently, caressingly co-existing. Enlivening.

Cheers for those with guts enough to enter the lion's den of the personal soul work needed for quality co-habitation upon this ball of dust we call Earth! May God help us!


Blogger SoyChapin said ... (1:32 AM) : 

I haven't seen the video but read you mentioned DC Talk... so the smile and memories just came "I haven't seen the wind, but I have seen the effects of the wind.. there's a mystery to it."

But what if our deceitful heart decides to stare at the sometimes devastating effects of the wind (and not because or unto intself, but because of the frailty and imperfection of the things touched by it) instead of marveling at its life nurturing power?

Which goes back to DC Talk again.. "What if I stumble" begun by "The greatest cause of atheism today... is................" I'm sure you've heard the rest.


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